“I do not know any doctor who truly cares and will go the extra mile to help his patients. Without a doubt, Dr. Feng not only serves [his patients], but treats and explains the problem that causes the condition. I highly recommend Dr. Feng to all my clients and have referred a number of friends and family members.

Presently, I am pursuing the holistic approach to health and fitness. I have learned to live my life around a wellness program that will provide me with good health. Being proactive and implementing preventive measures such as diet and exercise is all part of this new life style called the Wellness Program. Now I am able to be at my optimal performance to train my clients, thanks to Dr. Feng!”

– Jenna H.

“Dr. Feng has helped me through a lot of my injuries. Being a rugby player, I get hurt a lot. He has helped me with everything from my neck to my knees. He’s the only doctor I trust. He’s very trustworthy and knows what he’s talking about. Dr. Feng rules!!”

– Sam W.

“My dad complained about pain in his neck for over a month before he allowed me to bring him to a doctor. Through a friend’s referral, I brought my dad to see Doctor Feng. After 2 visits, he has already felt dramatic improvements. Dr. Feng genuinely cares about his patients and spend the time to explain the injury in detail and what can be done to improve it. Thank you Dr. Feng!”

– Ella L.

“..When I first came..I felt desperate and hopeless…explored acupuncture…From my very first visit, I experienced a sense of well being and a reduction in pain. My shoulder is back to normal and I truly have you to thank.”

– Roger E.

“Approximately six months ago, my doctor diagnosed me with Fibromyalgia…thought about acupuncture but was afraid of the needles…I read a brochure and made an appointment the next day…noticed a huge difference in my pain and energy level. I would encourage anyone who is seeking a safe, non narcotic pain resolution to try acupuncture.”

– Valerie M.

“You are a beautiful and incredible healer. Thank you so much for all that you have done and will be doing with me. There are people in this world that are pure and their soul is able to be seen. You happen to be one of those people.”

– Jen L.

“When I arrived at Arcadia Fitness I was put in touch with Charles as I was in serious need of reprogramming. Charles began to work with me on a weekly basis and I began to see a positive change.

We have now been working together on my physical training for five years and the difference is quite amazing. I just turned 72 and I feel better than I did 10 years ago. I highly recommend Dr. Feng for his expertise as well for his character.”

– Jon M.